Top 10 WhatsApp tricks of 2021 | WhatsApp Tricks

Top 10 Whatsapp Tricks you must want to know

Top 10 WhatsApp tricks of 2021 | WhatsApp Tricks

The application which is used by billions of users, we are talking about WhatsApp.

I'm going to tell you some fresh new amazing WhatsApp tricks which will really change the way you are using WhatsApp right now and also, I'm willing to bet that after reading this blog you are going to know a lot more about WhatsApp.

       1.  WhatsApp Status

Now the first trick is for WhatsApp status while watching a WhatsApp status if you want to pause it then generally you just press and hold the WhatsApp status but instead you can just tap it once with your three fingers and the status will be paused until and unless you don't touchback. But make sure this only works with the phone which supports multi-touch. 

        2.  Messaging Yourself with your own WhatsApp

The second trick is about messaging yourself from your own WhatsApp. Yes, it really sounds insane and you can do this by bellow link. Just go to that link and enter your phone number in the last part of the URL following the country code and then click on the continue to chat option and you will see that chat being loaded on your WhatsApp and you can also save the number and you can use this for bookmarking important messages and notes and remember one thing whenever you will message anything on this chat you will always see bluetick.

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        3.  Read messages without showing your last seen

Now the third trick is about seeing messages without updating your last seen. Like in case if you have to reply to someone and you don't want your last scene to be updated in front of others. Then simply just airplane mode your phone open WhatsApp reply to the conversation or the chat you want to reply to after that just close the WhatsApp application and make sure that you're removing WhatsApp from the recent running application list. After that turn off the airplane mode and that's all your last scene won't be updated.

       4.  Enabling dark mode and light mode in WhatsApp

Coming to the four tricks is something very simple yet unknown for a lot of people. It's about enabling dark mode and also switching it back to light mode. You can do it simply by just going into your WhatsApp settings and then going into chat settings there you will see an option named theme, just tap on that and you can change the theme of WhatsApp on any smartphone.

       5.  Sending messages on WhatsApp without coming Online

Coming to the fifth trick, it’s also about sending messages on WhatsApp without coming online or you can save without updating your last seen. You can simply do this with your phone's virtual assistant it works with Siri as well as with google assistant just command them and they will send messages without updating your WhatsApp last seen.

       6.  Prevent phone gallery fill with WhatsApp media

Now the sixth trick is about preventing the gallery rush of your WhatsApp. For example, if your auto media download is on and you're really fed up with the rush in your phone's gallery of WhatsApp meteors then you can disable the media's to be saved onto your phone's gallery  for this just go to settings then chat  settings and then  tap on media visibility and turn it off  okay so this was for your complete  WhatsApp chats  and if you want to block media  visibility in gallery or few chats only  or groups  then just go to that conversation or  that group open the group info or chat  info  and then turn off media visibility from  there for that particular chat  or the particular group now.

       7.  Coping the text which comes with an Image or Video.

The seven tracks are about copying the text which comes with an image or video. So, you all know that the text message which is attached by any media cannot be copied. You won't see any option for copying the text, but you can make it possible by a very simple method just open the media and then tap on it once and you will see the media attached text below the just tap and hold on to the text and after that, your text will be copied.

       8.  Use dual WhatsApp without using application cloning applications

Now a trick is for keeping dual WhatsApp on a single phone. The best thing is that we aren't going to use any third-party WhatsApp or application cloners like parallel space, etc. By just download WhatsApp business and it's also an official WhatsApp. Then just make your account on WhatsApp with the second number and by this, you can use WhatsApp without using applications like parallel space and other application cloners. And also, it won't slow down your phone.

       9.  Seeing the first message of any chat

The next trick is about seeing the first message you sent already received from any person on WhatsApp, like to the person you chat with on frequent the basis from a very long time it's really impossible scrolling up to the thousand and lakhs of messages. But the only possible way to see that without scrolling it by just going into WhatsApp, and after that open the chat click on the three dots then click on the export chat, select without media option, and after that it will give you a text file basically a document file and after that, you can see all the initial first messages in a single go.

       10. Send a status video to anyone without an open gallery

This trick is about like if you upload an image or video on your status and if your friend likes the status then for the image, they just screenshot it but in case of videos, the message you for sending the status video to them.  So, for this, you need to go to the gallery and then find the video. But you can just skip this long process of searching the media into a gallery and you can make it two clicks process.

By just going into your status then clicking on the more options and you will see a forward button there and after that, you can forward it directly to anyone. 


So, guys, this was all about the fresh new amazing WhatsApp tricks, and also make sure to do follow our Facebook page for future updates. If you're having any questions in mind regarding this blog please put a comment below in the comment section.

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